Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Havent posted in a while....

Matt and Kayla marie
Just your average day... Driving around with his girl...

Eating Ice cream at Disney


Playing with the puppy

I havent posted in a while, been lazy....Lets see we went to missouri, visited with family and friends, and in 8 days we are going to disneyworld for 10 days! Yeah!
Thinking of getting my nose pierced...Getting ready to be a surrogate for Jeramy and david... Happy for them after all these years...Wish I could lose 50 pound when I blink my eye's, in a couple of months nicks gonna get pregnant..and were gonna have a baby in the house again. Cant wait. Alot has been going on, Just excited for more to happen. Jeramy cant come into town with david, and he is really upset about that.... Wishing and hopeing all the inseminations work....Kayla is doing really good in the 5th grade, and Matthew loved Pre-K.