Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where do I begin???

Sorry if this sounds really pissy... Just a little stressed here!

Lets see... Kayla has her last day of class this Thursday, then she starts summer school next Tuesday... Matthew starts Speech therapy on Weds next week, I am supposed to meet with the IRS tomorrow if the company I payed 4700$ dollars to take care of some tax issues for me, and they continue to do nothing and have not even spoken to the IRS since 10/07, so I am a bit nervous about that... My last day I worked on Monday was the most depressing night I have ever had at work in the 15 years I have been in health care... On the upside Kayla is in Honor Society for her grades this Semester, and She was voted for and won to be Most improved student this year in her 4th grade class.., Matthew hasn't broken his glasses yet! I have a job, and am able to pay my bills, and According to California law me and Nick are still married.. ;) ( Nice to know) I have a billion things in my mind, and I am a little stressed..
I wish all of this IRS crap was done already, so I can move on with my life, and plan for
1) More babies for our family, we need the pitter patter of little feet!
2) Having the option of getting overtime, to make a little bit extra money, for our vacation in August
3) To reduce the stress our family is under, and take a deep breath and know its over!

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