Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lets see where do I begin??

Ok so thursday night I was where?? Scottsdale healthcare Thompson Peak ER....With what you ask?? A partially torn mineskes ( I know I spelled it wrong)... How did I do it... I dont even know. My knee had been hurting for about a week or soo, and Nick insisted I went to the er... ( The thought of going to A er in California...UGHH!) So I drove myself, they offered Pain medicine, and I declined the cocktail since I was driving myself home) But thats the diagnosis... So this friday I am off to the Orthopediac Md, to see where to go from here. So then friday we were off to Disneyland, Me and my family and my brace.... The first day we went to Disneyland... Nick pushed me around in a w/c. Poor nick. From there on out, We rented a moterized scooter. We had so much fun! The kids rode many many rides, Kayla loved sea world so much. Matthew didnt like Space mountain too much... ( Ask me later) Neither did the next rider! LOL. We had a awsome, fun wonderful vacation. Cant wait till the next one!

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