Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Missing Nana and ready for vacation.....



I only have to work tonight then I am off for 9 nights.... You can only guess where my family will be going, to Disneyland! We also are going to San Diego, to Sea World, the kids are so excited. ( Both there moms are excited too!) We love the family time, and playing its like were kids again too. Matthew love all the princess's, and kayla loved the pirates. I love all the yummy food, and the Scary rides. Nick loves the smiles on the kids faces, the time we spend together. Happy happy times. I wish Nana was still here..( She is in heaven) She was here visiting the first time we ever went to Disneyland like 7 years ago. Kayla was just 3 at the time. The fun we had, was priceless. Nana was a fun loving, kindhearted, and was always there for anyone who needed her. Our 2 kids were blessed to have her in there lives, and we were blessed.

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